Tips on How to Turn into a Freak in the Bedroom in Your Relationship

Your sex life is missing something. Once you felt that sheer energy and mood that was ignited, but it is no longer there. Most couples end up with sex as a routine without any form of connection. Once you feel these signs in your relationship, it is high time you start spicing up.

As much as a candlelit dinner might work, the bedroom needs some spicing up to. This only means that you let go of things to become normal. This marks a point in your relationship where you have to take a step into the freak world. It does not mean taking the handcuffs and lashes route. Here are some tips you can use to bring back the spark in the bedroom.

1. Sexting

Do you frequently send your partner any naughty texts? Most likely it was back when you were falling in love. You can notice how the naughty texts turned to direct messages about each other’s whereabouts. This is why you need to get in touch with the young and stupid version. Sexting provides a chance to sparkle your love. While coming off work, send a naughty text to your partner.

2. Candles
Most women can agree that an epic bedroom experience is when the mood is set right. You do not set the mood in the bedroom with the full laundry basket. Start buying some scented candles to set the mood. You can reenact your first lovemaking session with the candles in place.

3. Sex Toys

Most people are shy of including sex toys in their bedroom thinking of it as a grey area. There are different types and shapes of sex toys for your use in the bedroom. It is not a guarantee that she will have an orgasm. In order to make her feel home again, it is recommended to make use of these sex toys.

4. Powerful Massages

When stepping out after a long day at the office, you are less likely thinking of sex. The perfect mix is taking dinner and a cold shower and retiring to bed. It is recommended to use essential oils when giving a massage. Apart from relaxing your partner, you get the chance to have intimate touches, kisses and the deed. It sets a slowed mood in the bedroom for a sensual night of lovemaking.

5. Naked Weekend

Nothing beats staying indoors without nothing on. In case you work overtime, you lack spending quality time that drifts your sexual energies apart. Ensure you have time in your calendar to do exactly this. Stock the house with your favorite meal and cuddle up the whole day.

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