Important Steps for Turning a Bowl

Bowls are usually turned using rough wood, and it can only be done following crucial steps so that you may get the best results. When one is considering turning a bowl, you must select the right timber for the work. This bowl usually comes from a simple section of a log. For the best decorative bowls, you will need a professional to guide you if you are not knowledgeable about this. However, with the right information and following these crucial steps, you can be able to make the best bowls. Turning bowl is an enjoyable and creative process that you will enjoy if only you know the right techniques and procedures to use for making the wood bowl. The following are crucial steps for turning a bowl.

To start with, you must smoothen the bowl top. This can be done by mounting the blank between centers. The top side of this bowl must face the tailstock. You also need tool rest, which must be at right angles to the lathe bed and also parallel to the bowls face an also slightly below center. You must then place the handle downwards, and its flute ought to be open while facing the ceiling. Also, the gouge’s wing must be in line with its live center. Your left hand will push straight down so that you can hold this tool against you, and this will enable you to work on the bowl.

You must also make a recess by bringing the tool up and then cutting the center height. Make sure to cut two scoops and be careful to avoid skidding. However, make sure that you do not go to the center and use a bed for cutting the recess. This must be placed over the lathe’s handwheel while this tool is facing downhill. Further to this, you need to round the blank, which is also known as roughing cut. This will help to tighten the recess as you also tighten the chuck jaws. When doing this, you must ensure that you are also expending into the recess.

It is also crucial to round the corners after this. You can use the peeling cut used in the first step for cutting the surface. After the corners are rounded, you will be able to make the bowl’s outside curve. When the curve is made, cut a tenon by aiming at the bevel in the direction it ought to go and remember to close the flute at the right end of the cut.

In addition, flip over the bowl and hollow. Make sure that this is done in the right manner so that you can now proceed to shape the bowl’s rim using a bowl gouge, bottom bowl gouge, or a negative rake scraper. After this is accomplished, you must go ahead and smoothen the bottom of the bowl, which ought to blend into your initial cut using the bowl gouge. Afterward, you can remove your tenon after shaping the bowl’s bottom. This can be achieved using a cole jaw, jam chuck, or a sander.

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