Will Magnetic Phone Mounts Affect Your Smartphone?

A considerable number of people are paranoid about magnetic phone mounts, the concerns are the magnetic fields of the neodymium magnets that make these holders will interfere with the smartphone operations such as signal strength and other connections. It is understandable why a good number of people are curious with the impacts of the magnet on theirs smartphone, early electronic gadgets such as CRT and television were highly susceptible to magnets and if you passed a strong magnetic field near it would distort the pictures, however, modern electronics are advanced and can hardly be affected by a magnetic field like those of neodymium magnets on the phone mount that are relatively weak. It is somehow clear that to days electronics are too advanced to be affected by magnetic fields, this is because even inside your smartphone there are some magnets that aid in a variety of operations of your phone, however, an external magnetic field may interfere with some minor functioning of your phone but they resume to normal once you remove your phone from the magnetic phone mount, it is wise to have a clear understanding of what is happening or will happen with your phone on the magnetic phone mount, to learn more about this continue reading the article.

It is important to understand the real truth about magnets and smartphones, the truth is today phones are technologically advanced to be damaged by magnets, in fact, a good number of smartphones have in build magnets that perform vital roles such as magnetic wireless charging, compass, and other things, therefore an external magnetic fields even the strong ones can barely destroy your smartphone. Because we have said your phone cannot be destroyed by a magnet does not mean it will always work efficiently when exposed to strong external magnetic fields, in fact, the integrated magnetic sensors in your smartphone are affected by an external magnetic field which interferes with proper readings of your digital compass, this affects apps that rely on the digital compass for their proper functionality, one such app is the map app meaning you cannot use it effectively, to avoid negative effects of magnetic field smartphone manufacturers recommend you avoid strong external magnets and remove metal items on your phone cases.

The other concern most people have about magnetic mounts is the idea that the magnet can erase their hard drive, one thing is you will not going to lose any data because phone today have storage clips for memory unlike in the past where they stored data in the hard drive, and even with a hard drive this can only happen in an extreme situation where you expose your phone in strong magnetic fields which has only been in theory with no practical evidence, furthermore, modern hard drives have neodymium magnets inside them that help the arm to read, write or record data, therefore chances of a weak magnetic field clearing your hard drive is far fetched and impossible. Those are some important information we thought you need to know about the magnetic phone mount.

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