Tips for Selecting the Right Check Valve

The problem of materials flowing back into the pumping system has been solved with the use of check valves, which are specifically designed to prevent backflow. The various types of check valves available in the market are specifically designed for different applications, meaning there is not a single one that can satisfy all your needs. To ensure you are buying the right check valve that can suit your needs, there are a few important factors you should consider. Some of the important things you should consider when shopping for check valves are discussed here.

When you are looking for a check valve to use in a pumping system that deals with wastewater that contains solids, you should consider its fluid compatibility to eliminate any problems that may arise and affect its functionality. One question you should ask yourself before you buy a check valve is what ole is it going to play; it is common to have the wrong check valve installed in a piping system, especially when the decision is made without considering flow conditions.

With your specific application in mind, look for a check valve capable of withstanding the back pressure you are likely to deal with; since a check valve is installed to prevent backflow, ensure it can withstand the back pressure you will be dealing with. Any check valve installed in a submerged condition will always be battling the problem of back pressure but whether they can withstand the conditions or not are up to you; look for a check valve manufactured from a material capable of accommodating constant back pressure in the submerged condition.

The faster the flow rate, the more wear and tear you will see on your check valves, meaning they will last for as long as you thought, therefore, if you want to make an informed purchase, know the flow rate then look for a valve that can withstand it. There are three styles of check valves each installed at different points in the discharge pipe, however, you can know the right one to buy if know where it will be located and the inlet pressure of your system.

The cost of ownership is an important factor to consider when shopping for a check valve; the amount you will pay upfront the valve, plus the installation and maintenance costs should be looked into to ensure the right purchase. What is the reputation of the dealer; since some dealers in the market are only interested in filling their pockets, you risk investing in a poor quality check valve, hence, the importance of checking reputation. Before selecting a check valve, ensure you have all the answers to these questions.

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