Wetsuits- Your Ultimate Guide in Choosing a Wetsuit

You might have heard few things about wetsuits in the past, but you never have realized that you’re going to need one in the future. If you are a lover of sea life, then a wetsuit is a must have for you. Swimmers or divers can enjoy ample of benefits when wearing wetsuits. Some of them would include reduced drag, additional flotation, and extra warmth even in cold waters.

You might be convinced with how much wetsuits are essential, but how do you get the best one considering the many choices available today?

Let’s first discuss on how wetsuits work before knowing on how to choose one for you. Basically, wetsuits trap a layer of water between you and the material. This helps your body to warm the water. Divers and swimmers who intend to stay longer in the water wear thicker wetsuits.

How is it possible to feel warm and dry even in water? This is due to the material neoprene which is used in wetsuits. This synthetic and elastic rubber contains superior insulation properties. So, you will feel warmer in the water when the neoprene material is thicker. This also protects you from any abrasive textures.

So, how do you really find the best wetsuit for your adventure?

Tips in Choosing a Wetsuit

– Thickness and warmth are two essential things to take into account when finding the right wetsuit. This can be determined by determining the temperature of the water. If you wish to dive and swin in summertime, then thinner wetsuits are the best. But, you must choose thicker wetsuits when you plan to do water activities during winter. You have to remember that its main goal is to ensure you feel warm while in the water.

– You should also consider the freedom of movement the suit provides you. Too fit wear can restrict your movements under the water. You must find one that is very comfortable to your skin and body parts. Check out the right size of suit to buy. However, you need also to take note that different manufacturers may have different sizes.

– The seam may be a very little detail in the wetsuit, but should be carefully considered. There are different kinds of seam for every wetsuit. No matter what type of seam you choose, make sure that it is strong enough and comfortable at the same time.

– Do not forget to check the zippers. This determines how hard and easy you get in and out. Try the zippers and and check its strength.

– Take note that wetsuits come in different styles. Now, the best style is the one that best suits your needs.

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